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Have Faith. Hustle Hard. Heed the Omens.

Each bag of Omen Coffee Co. coffee represents the objective truth that your dreams can come true. 

That there are obstacles so great that they could keep you from living the life that you've always wanted to live or from becoming the person that you've always wanted to become. 

That it doesn't matter what you did or what you said yesterday or the day before, because the only thing that really matters is who you choose to show up as today

Today could be your day: the day that everything changed; the day you stopped waiting for permission; the day you decided to embrace your potential

This could be your sign. 

An omen. 

  • Hannah T.

    "There are so many great things I could say about Omen! The staff is great and so personable, the atmosphere is cozy and clean, their hours are extremenly convenient, the coffee is great and the community is inspiring. This is my new go-to coffee spot in the Lou, and I recommend it to everyone in town!"

  • Kelsey S.

    "Omen has the best coffee, the best staff, and the best environment you can ask for. The espresso is seriously so smooth and delicious! But other than coffee, omen has created such a beautiful space that welcomes in the community. my fiance is a part of their Men's Group and run club on Saturday's and I attend the Women's group and will be attending their Sunday yoga sometime in the near future. We love this little community and coffee!"

  • Christina P.

    I have not had the pleasure of being able to come to the shop in person, but have ordered the coffee online to my home in Chicago. It was so good & I places another order! Love supporting small businesses that are passionate about what they serve"

  • Corrina W.

    "I just ordered a bag of Alchemy from Chicago. It came quickly, packaged nicely, and I can't get over how delicious this roast was. I normally don't drink coffee black but I actually PREFER Alchemy black because of how good it is!! Absolutely psyched to have found my new favorite brand and I will definitely stop in the shop if I'm ever in town. Love Omen!"

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